Outdoor Production: Dealing with Heat.

Do you prefer passive speakers with amps for outdoor gigs, especially where heat and the sun are concerned?  - Question via Facebook

Answer from Sound Engineer, Chris Russell:

All the manufacturers today take into account the heat for powered speakers. Plus more and more amps are built with digital circuitry which means they are more effective and less like heaters. Our newer self-powered speakers have not given us any problems due to heat. Our speakers that are powered by an amp rack do not have power conductors in the rack. We plug the racks straight into our power distribution box. In the old days, we had problems with both self-powered speakers and amp racks shutting down or poor performance because of heat. With our new self-powered speakers and amp racks, we have not ran into any heat related issues. When it comes to rain, regardless of what it is, we turn it off so that there will not be any damage.

Jono Long

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